Vouching Rules

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Vouching Rules

Post  God on Tue Aug 30, 2011 8:36 am

Rules for vouching and posting vouching topics.

1. No spamming "Vouched"

2. Do not post more than one topic.

3. Do not get angry and cuss excessively because they scammed a lot of money from you.

4. Use the report section to report scammers, do no take it out on this section of the forums..

5. If you get scammed, simple say "Do nit dice with him, he may scam you."

6. You may not make other accounts to spam their topic positively or even negatively.

7. If you advertise 55x2, and you roll a 56, don't say you are 60x2. You are 55x2 and that will fall under the scamming category and you will be muted so you can't advertise that you're dicing.

8. Be honest, if you didn't get scammed but you lost, don't say you got scammed, admit you lost.

9. Follow all server and forum rules wile dicing.

10. Have fun dicing, and vouch for players that are legit dice hosters.

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